Monday, January 26, 2015

Nuffnang & Buat Duit

Salam and hi all. * ayat rezam.

now. here is the thing girls. *ayat aku.

Some part  of the world this is, basi.
Yet, I believe the other part, also nak tahu. i bet my girls is angguk2.
Setelah membuat few research and mengushaa how earnings works, I came to understand that :

Kena dapat buffered earnings. utk dpt buffered earnings kena dapat :

Dapat status Glitterati, u are counted as Exclusive members,
Nak dapat G aku rasa kena at least a week ada account Nuffnang
dan active (20 unique visitors daily)

 ala biasa la..traffic kena bg up la. kena byk visitors. so..nk di gmbau kan cenggini :

 xpaham? tanya lah.
well. watch out girls. there is more to learn. so that is more to earn. hahaha
byk lg yg aku xtau.
As time goes by,,let us all try to understand how it works and how we could help us to have a wee-bit of duit tepi tepian.

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