Thursday, January 29, 2015


Wadduup Bitches!
eh silap,
ehm. Asslamualaikum.
may peace be upon u.
To my ever dearest somebody, or even anybody on earth, who are actually now, reading and
walking through a hardest time of your life. ever.
I know, for as long as I never walk in your shoes, I wouldn't get it ( at least as much as u do).

I don't know how to give a preach like the setat2 and setazah2 or any SezatahSetatWannaBe.
and I also don't know how to talk like the therapist that ppl willing to pay thousand and thousand for a session. Yet. I am trying. not that fixing u. as I do believe, only you able to fix urself.

 and.. we all need somebody. pls . stop build the walls. open up a space for somebody. somebody reliable. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Now me is going to do some product review.
Previously aku guna brg2
my faveret the most : Cleanser  ni : Berry White Yogurt 
the after taste is, i feel clean, i feel fresh, and ajet2 wangi je rase. conclusion, Nora bg 5 bintang!
Tp starting January 2015.. me and cik talk2..*pengguna tegar* we wonder so much. kenapa we have been looking for the product at almost everywhere kat dengan
but. disspapointed sgt uolls! .. out of stocks. and they also mentioned to re-stock the products on 2015. oh! well, hello ..January almost over ok?

aku mcm pelik. ye dak wujud benda ni.sbb aku bukak blk website:

it is not even there??

so..I have decided, wait no more, lets give a shot for something else...
so..jalan2 look left and right.. looks like ETUDE is doing a great promo that time,
so aku yg kehabisan toner and cleanser, decide to give a shot for this :

Dear ETUDE :
It is such a great product. I love the feeling. Uh the after taste,I feel good. 
Kome2 pls lah try, bile spray, mmg dia kuar iced cold foam pastu tepek kat muka korang.
Uhhh laaa laa...

Feeling nice chuolls. weather kat Malaysia yg panas 24/7 ni...instant cooling efek dia..ayoooyoo..sedap nya pipii iolss.aumm =)

Chuolls rasa freshen up. iolss kalau berkesempatan.pasni nak try ni : 

Ice Shot Sleeping Mist

Monday, January 26, 2015

Nuffnang & Buat Duit

Salam and hi all. * ayat rezam.

now. here is the thing girls. *ayat aku.

Some part  of the world this is, basi.
Yet, I believe the other part, also nak tahu. i bet my girls is angguk2.
Setelah membuat few research and mengushaa how earnings works, I came to understand that :

Kena dapat buffered earnings. utk dpt buffered earnings kena dapat :

Dapat status Glitterati, u are counted as Exclusive members,
Nak dapat G aku rasa kena at least a week ada account Nuffnang
dan active (20 unique visitors daily)

 ala biasa la..traffic kena bg up la. kena byk visitors. so..nk di gmbau kan cenggini :

 xpaham? tanya lah.
well. watch out girls. there is more to learn. so that is more to earn. hahaha
byk lg yg aku xtau.
As time goes by,,let us all try to understand how it works and how we could help us to have a wee-bit of duit tepi tepian.

Thursday, January 22, 2015


Awat xtauuu xbole2 ni...ishh..
boh kaler2 skit..kot bole


Bahasa senang :

Web Hosting
ala-ala hard disk ( storage) / tempat penyimpanan data. Data tu, tak kisah la.. images ke video ke music ke..smua la yg hg nk upload kat website. so..web hosting is where the data will be kept.
tang mana dia la kot. aku xdek nk cita detail nau..sbb aku jst nak paham ala2 ja.

Natang domain ni...url address hg lah..
Domain ada yg free ada yg kena bayau, tp ..biasala.natang free, so..nama deme la.
mcm...contoh :
tp..kalau one day bambambombom nk "serius" kena la purchase domain mcm ...

oh,btw aku suka tgk kat link  ni utk phm plan2 and utk brangan nk beli.

aku sure blogger2 hebat smua arif dah sal hal ni. apa kata cita skit..recommend skit yg murah2 tu.. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Satu | first

Aku nak cita pa pon xtau,
aku xpandai karang bunga2 rawwang merewang.
soo, yeah.

salam post pertama.